About You

You‘re a personal injury lawyer committed to making sure your clients have the best experiences and outcomes. You are determined to build your firm with proven practices so you can be efficient and profitable.

And so of course referrals are on your radar.

You’ve put some thought into referrals and how to increase them. And you have a niggling feeling in the back of your brain that there’s more to referrals than stoking goodwill and clumsily asking for them.

Welcome. You’re in the right place. On this site are clues about the why and how of referrals. You need to let it in that some firms get two, three, four or five times as many referrals as you do. Not knowing how might be costing you a lot.

This is your opportunity to discover how referral generation actually works.

Spending so much money on advertising and clicks, as much as several thousand dollars in some markets just to catch a case…and yet your best clients do not refer.

Well, some of them do. But the vast majority never do and never will. And the ones who do usually send one case and then never again. If you think that’s the norm, you’re right. If you think there’s nothing you can do about it you are wrong. That’s the good news.

The smartest lawyers are happiest when they are wrong and know it because they know that right now they are about to get smarter. If that’s you, welcome. Let’s get going.

"Tom St. Louis is the genius of referrals."

- Rick Harris, Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm

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