About Me

I serve personal injury law firms. I specialize in helping them to realize a lot more referrals.

I’ve solved a lot of problems for my law firm clients. I decided referrals are the most important marketing priority and I dived deep and “cracked the code”.

I started out with lawyers in the 90’s as the Yellow Pages guy. I created audacious ads that pulled cases like crazy during the dying days of Google. I found I got along with personal injury lawyers and threw myself at their marketing problems.

I “figured out” a few things which can help you a lot.

I’m friendly and open and do not pretend to be anything I’m not. If you want to talk to me and I’m not too busy, I’ll call you back. Or send me an email.

The most important thing you can know about me is that I made it my business to solve your biggest problem, the biggest one I could identify. Getting more better clients with maximum ease and minimal expense. That’s your perennial problem and referrals is the best answer. You don’t want to beat your brains out paying for expensive advertising any more than you have to.

So of course you want referrals.

I live and work in Brockville, Ontario in the Thousand Islands. Just across the river from Ogdensburg, New York.

"Tom St. Louis is the genius of referrals."

- Rick Harris, Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm

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